Collecting Stars – Lexa Luthor

The Alpha God #4

I just can’t get enough of this series! If you want to start this series also check out my review of the first book.

After a great prologue, this book starts where book three stopped: Charlie crashing down on Kander. Again. Crashing down on Kander seems to be her thing and it gives this book a page-turning start.

This book is different from the earlier books in this series. Where Charlie goes out into space in the first books, in this book she stays on Kander. She does visit “higher places” so to speak and those parts of this book really intrigued me. (read it to know what I’m talking about)

The pages turn themselves in this book. There is plenty of action and the way the storyline continues is great. With action, I mean both in missions and in the bedroom. The latter especially is evolving to a level that I particularly enjoyed. Again more intimate than the last book but still – how shall I put this… – with vigour and passion.

After chapter 3, the book will slow down a little. In those slower parts, Luthor lets you get to know the characters and their relationship on a deeper level. I noticed Charlie herself developing into a person who is less concerned about her own wellbeing and more about that of other people. Now that I write this down it sounds strange to talk this way about a space missionary who lives with the knowledge that in her job every minute can be her last.

Because Charlie is on Kander this long stretch of time you might wonder about the dynamics between Kal and her. I must say that Luthor did a great job in balancing those things out. I think readers will enjoy their time together in this book, both in- and outside the bedroom 😉

This book finishes with a cliffhanger and although I – a person with no patience and lover of instant gratification – hate cliffhangers. But Luthor would disappoint me if there wasn’t one. This cliffhanger made me freak out a little because I’m scared of what is to come. So Luthor, make it scary next time, haha.

As a final remark, I’m going to be upfront about my desire to want to read stand-alone spin-offs of other characters in this book.

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Also, check out the author’s website for an explanation of F/F Omegaverse and terms like G!P.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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