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Besides being a fervent reader, I’m also someones missus and mother of an eight year old boy. My work is the kind you take home with you. Not in the literal sense, but in my head. That’s why I love escaping my life and live in a book for a while. I read to relax, so don’t expect literary studies from me. My reviews are mostly about romantic lesbian fiction in their different appearances (detective, drama, mystery, fantasy, shapeshifters, etc). Some books I buy, others I get to read in exchange for a fair review.

This website is still under construction. When you have any ideas or needs for certain content: let me know by clicking the contact button below or by commenting on one of my blog posts.

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Face the Music
really liked it
When the world is facing a horrible pandemic, Face the Music is a wonderful love story that will make you forget your real life, if only for a moment.
This book is about music, substance abuse, mother-daughter issues and facing the musi…

Tack & Jibe
really liked it
I finished this book a week ago, and then the madness started with managing the corona crisis. So tonight I took the time to write a review. Hope you enjoy it.

This age-gap book was a fast read. Suzanne’s style of writing is a pleasant …

The Mail Order Bride
really liked it
by R. Kent
I enjoyed reading this book. However, after reading the blurb, this book was not what I expected it to be. My expectation was one of a slow-burn western romance novel, what I got was a raw western with intrigue and a tiny string of roman…

The Ungodly Hour
liked it
The canvas of this book is Mykonos, a Greek island that is known to be the most gay-friendly with gay bars and beaches. But if what is told in this book becomes reality, Mykonos is the last place you want to be as a gay person!
In this b…

it was amazing
I think Cari Hunter’s books are my best discovery of 2019. So when I started listening to Breathe, I knew I would not be disappointed. This book is a less sensational book than others I’ve read or listened to from Hunter, but still, the …


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