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My Everything – Lexa Luthor

Book 6 in the series is paced a bit slower than the others. Maybe I should say it feels slower. The relaxed pacing is a bit deceiving: so much is happening in the 637(!) pages of this wonderful book. I devoured it and loved every minute of it.

During the space travel at the start there is lots of bonding time for Sumner and Charlie. The action scenes are thrilling! Both the action in the bedroom as the fighting.

I loved to see the difference between Kal and Sumner and the struggle that followed for Charlie when returning to Kander and thus to the old Kal. Or not?

The storyline is again great with at least one great twist that made me go: whoa!
And, off course, we also finish this book with a cliffhanger. I love to hate those.

I can go on and on about this book and series. If you haven’t read any of it, starting with the first one will get you hooked. So be warned.
You can find that first book right here.

If you don’t like or can’t handle cliffhangers you don’t have to worry to much because there are enough books in this series to directly read further, haha.

Also check out Luthor’s website for cool stuff like trading cards and fanart of this series. Like this awesome Kaden art made by Aud, check out their other stuff too.

You can subscribe to Luthor’s newsletter to receive free “short” stories written from Kal’s perspective.

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