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Dead Lez Walking – G Benson

Dead Lez Walking, why would you want to read a book with that title?! And still.. I wanted to. No regrets there, I loved the book! In short: great book, lots of grossness and a full 5 star for me ⭐️.

I can handle gross things as long as it’s not in real life or on de tv. So a horror movie on tv will make me run for the hills, spilling organs IRL will make me gag and vomit. But reading about those things: love it!

This book is very well written, the storyline makes it a page-turner, good characters, enough grossness, funny, inclusive and there is even a secondary romance weaved in. Not all characters make it ‘till the end, such a shame because I almost like them all. But hey, zombies eat people and otherwise it wouldn’t be a horror. Besides that, there are more than enough characters, so what’s one more or less 😉

The secondary romance doesn’t seem very appropriate: while running for zombies also having romantic thoughts about someone. It works though and also it worked in the eye-roll department (other characters do that sometimes and it made me laugh) 🤣

And in true fashion of a horror story, I will not talk about the closing scene of this book.

You can buy this book on Amazon and make sure you check out Benson’s website for more books.

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